January 29, 2018 Martial Arts Studies

Editorial: Show, Don’t Tell – Making Martial Arts Studies Matter


How can we make martial arts studies matter? Returning to the issues of triviality and legitimation raised in the Spring 2017 editorial, in this essay we explore various strategies for conveying the intellectual importance of our work to a scholarly but non-specialist readership. In recent years the field of martial arts studies has made impressive strides in terms of both growth and public exposure. Yet this success suggests that increasingly gatekeepers in the form of editors, funding bodies and promotion committees will have an impact on the development of our field. Appealing to such readers is a critical next step in the creation of martial arts studies. The first draft of this editorial was presented by Benjamin Judkins as a keynote at the July 2017 Martial Arts Studies Conference at Cardiff University. It has subsequently been edited to reflect the opinions of both authors and the current context.


DOI 10.18573/mas.46


Judkins, Benjamin N. and Bowman, Paul. 2017. ‘Show, Don’t Tell: Making Martial Arts Studies Matter’, Martial Arts Studies 5, 1-14.

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